Possible benefits for Patreon donators (big news)

Gonna be a bit of info here but its worth the read so listen up. I have been in discussing with the boss man Titch about how to boost Patreon support while also not hindering those who choose not to pay it is 100% your choice at the end of the day!.

Talks of new potential Benefits that come with being a Patreon supporter so there will be a tier system £1 a month will get you the choice to host your own server that is invite only for a maximum of 4 players and £5 a month will get you a server that can support 10 player (rough numbers as subject to change)

a new feature will be added to the BeamMP launcher that will allow you to add and remove people to a friends list. This could also be in-game but again this is all subject to change and was only discussion at the time.

From the launcher there will be a new button called “create server” or “host server” these will be ran and hosted directly from the BeamMP servers this way you get safety and convenience. No open ports on your network and all handled from in-game, nice’n easy and simple

You will also receive your own unique in-game display tag/colour cannot tell you what exactly yet but it will be completely unique to BeamMP

While there is not many con’s to a system like this there is one that may upset a few but I can explain. You will not be able to run a server with mods/modded maps as there is a lot more than just a mod to servers they will need to be verified vigorously to make sure they are added by the people that created them and also checking everything to make sure there’s nothing dodgy inside the files is another major task. Having hostable servers from BeamMP directly with mods would require a lot of work and most likely there own repository that they can moderate and keep clean for this to work and it is possible.

Final verdict
For all you people out there that love and use BeamMP on the regular this is a great way to support and get your own special unique benefits the things that the BeamMP staff can do with a bigger patreon support. If you think BeamMP is good now? you have no idea how good it can be even for just £1 a month for a large enough scale can make seriously impactful changes to the multiplayer service we love and enjoy. I will again state you will not lose any privileges for not being a patreon. But if you are a patreon even the smallest tier will get you some very very juicy benefits and significantly improve you’re MP experience. Hosting a server from BeamMP with mods is NOT impossible but if we can get enough notice here on the post and boost the patreon support these things can be very much POSSIBLE so please like/upvote or even share to your beam loving fellows and try and get this circulating this could be the start of big things. If you have made it this far I really appreciate you reading this if we can get 1000 likes/upvotes titch will start work immediately on these changes thank you and hopefully ill hear from you guys soon.


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Further to the above, I would like to hear from you about what other features you would like to see in BeamMP!

While this would be nice. The server would have to run in a console outside of the game itself still. Because someone would spawn something game would go not responding and everyone in the server would either lag out or crash