Primary servers Offline!

yesterday, only like 3 or 5 official beammp servers was showing up and i only play on official servers and today my beammp launcher doesnt open and gives the error: Primary Servers Offline! sorry for the inconvenience! can any help??

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Hello, Thank you for your post. We are aware of there being some issues with the network at the moment.
I am presently working on trying to resolve this.


same here failed http server but hopefully they’re up and running soon luckily this game has very good development and staff

Yep it’s all offline. They’ll fix it. I suppose the hotfix broke the mp.

Same here, no servers showing up. Also getting the error HTTP Get failed on Read.

currently cant get online it says invalid key when i try to load multiplayer and tells me to restart the game and when i launch beam mp i am getting an http error.
[22/4/2023 21:01:44] [INFO] Launcher version is up to date
[22/4/2023 21:01:44] [INFO] Game Version :
[22/4/2023 21:01:44] [INFO] Downloading mod please wait…

[22/4/2023 21:01:49] [ERROR] HTTP Get failed on Read
[22/4/2023 21:01:49] [INFO] Game Launched!

how much longer will it be

Hello, We are actively working on this it seems to be mostly working at the moment but are still pushing some final adjustments.

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Hello, I’m currently having issues saying
[23/4/2023 18:21:37] [ERROR] HTTP Get failed on Read
[23/4/2023 18:21:39] [ERROR] Bad Gateway
[23/4/2023 18:21:39] [FATAL] Primary Servers Offline! sorry for the inconvenience!

Anyone else experiencing this?

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i think its the same thing but with a different message but idk much about it

This is happening to me too. Can anyone help? I tried beammp earlier, around 5 hours ago today and it was working just fine…

Can we get an update on current situation please?

The servers are up and working for me.

It still down for me…

still not working ;(

Thank you for your magnificent work, take your time, thanks to this we will soon enjoy this great game mode again.
Greetings from Spain, EUR.

Hello all,
Thank you for your patience, the issues have now been resolved and you should be able to enjoy BeamMP as usual.
Kind regards,

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