Problem with BeamMP launcher

I’m trying to install BeamMP client but ,when I try to launch the BeamMP launcher at the end of the installation, it says “update found”, it tries 2 time and closes right after saying “launcher update failed !”, removing “BeamMP-Launcher.exe” at the same time. I tried redoing the installation process several times on 2 computers but every time i get this message.

Some guy here also have this problem atm :

Thank you for your help.

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I have the same issue and also opened a comment, hope it gets fixed soon!

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Yeah please respond if you got a fix i noticed that it startet when the download website changed

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same for me. Not working. Once i start it and close it afterwards, it can’t be opened again either.

having the same issue here


This issue has been resolved now.
Our apologise for the delay on this one.

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