Ps5 controller not working

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i have a PS5 controller that i use for beamng normlayy and it works with no issues. I just got beam mp so i can play with friends. the game dectects the contoleer input as converted by steam big picture like normal bus un done al;l bindings and when i attempt to rebind them it only activates as a off on input.
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You can try to turn off the controller configuration in steam settings > controller

Oh, I’ve encountered the exact same problem. I don’t know much about solving problems like that. When I had this problem, I called my friend to help me. He went straight to the console settings and started looking into the problem. After about half an hour of agonizing, we could fix the problem. I advise you to ask your friend who knows about consoles. I do not understand consoles because I like the PC releases. But lately, I’m getting more and more bored with it. I recently sold all the skins on in CSGO and deleted that game. I’m sick of school kids’ toxic behavior and antics during the game. I think it’s time for me to grow up.

@Lockheed67 add beammp as a non steam game, go into big picture mode, library>Beammp>Manage shortcut>Controller options> Checkmark both: (Allow desktop)—(Enable Overlay)>Steam Input per-game forced on> exit big picture>launch and play beammp with a ps5 controller via BT, I assume cable would work as well but may work without these steps.