PSA - Watch out for scams!

Hello community,
With this post we would like to address a scam that has been done in the DMs of the users of our Discord and has already been reported.
The reported (and already banned from our community) scammers are:

  • cheungtszhin#8878 (ID: 783455624964210728)
  • killua#1169 (ID: 778486661297995786)
  • Lilfip#4436 (ID: 778736948570751026)
  • MisBeck#5239 (ID: 783608747314511882)
  • Blonce20#5492 (ID: 788778340890574858)

The scam goes as follows:
alt text
alt text
alt text
Or like this, but it will lead to the same scam:
alt text
alt text
Please note that any communication from Steam goes directly to your own email linked to Steam NOT via a random DM on Discord!!!
Steam does NOT have admins and ALL the official Valve employees have a special and visible badge on their Steam profile.
Please don’t fall for these kind of scams!
If an user in the BeamMP community sends you similar messages, please report it in #player-reporting with evidence.


BeamMP Staff Team