Public Server Release

Hello everyone, the time that you all have been waiting for is almost here now.

In the very near future we will be releasing the server software to the public! This means it will not be only for the early access people anymore. It is also cross platform!

I’m sure that this raises some questions for those of you who are early access / server booster though.
So how is this going to work? Do we get anything for supporting the project anymore?

We will be updating the public server build once a month, unless important patches/updates are needed.
For the client, server and launcher you will continue to get early access to testing the latest and greatest features of the mod. Along with all the little goodies :cookie: :cookie: that you receive in game and in the discord too plus additional server keys.

In line with the new release coming very soon we have pushed out a new client update to bait you a little which includes a whole host of little fixes such as the part syncing when editing your vehicle and also some UI work which was mainly done by Deer Boi.
This includes things such as Favourites & server list sorting + Searching!!

We hope you enjoy the new update and work we have been putting in recently.

  • BeamMP Mod Team

** We will be updating this thread when the release is made so be sure to follow this thread!

@backfabry13 Is your issues resolved now?

@Jack hes just slow and dont know what early release meant

@Titch2000 other common issue nobody see me in some servers like 2fast 4x4 island there some new option to switch on menu what happened??

Look forward to it! I’m ready to see some more people hop into the serverside modding scene, who knows, maybe I’ll have to pickup my pace a little haha


@MD5S It has already been temporarily fixed (with a workaround), please restart your launcher. There is now an option that toggles between live updating of peoples configs, it is disabled by default, the same as it was before. If you enable it, you will suffer the issue you are talking about. :slight_smile:

This same issue happens to me all the time. I am driving along, then someone modifies there car and the game freezes ( loading in the modification), and then my camera swaps to there car. This means the car that I was driving before keeps going and than crashes.

Please fix this issue team!

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and also one more while playing you see on the chatbox the message ( some one edited theyr car and you suddenly switch visual to that car losing control of yours)

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@Titch2000 it not depend on my computer because before the update all works well and after i it became unplayable! and also i add one more problem a lot of friends cant see each other in the server after exit and enter and tryed to reaspawn ecc.

@backfabry13 said in Public Server Release:

not a big fan of this update: now the vehicles need a minute of freezing screen for every modify or spawn!!!

How would you suggest that we handle this instead given the freezing time is down to your computer and the game its self?

not a big fan of this update: now the vehicles need a minute of freezing screen for every modify or spawn!!!


how can i play i idk how i can join the server or game

Just download the client from our website: and then install. Once you have installed it you can start BeamMP and then it will start the game for you. From there click Play > Multiplayer and then you can play as guest or sign-in with the forum account you are using now. Then you can select a server and join.