Pull the config after Lua is initiated

I know this one is out there, but I think it would be useful, and fairly easy to just push the loading/pulling of the server config to after the lua is loaded, I think it could make it easy for plugins to pull some strings, in the config, like manually changing player count, or vehicle spawn cap, alternatively, you could give the lua environment direct access to the to the config so they don’t have to do anything fancy.
Furthermore, I feel like this is mad easy to implement. since I feel like it’s just moving a few lines around to make it work.

Just an idea to add to that but maybe a system where Lua can also set variables for the server and config. So Lua cannot change the config file but can change the running config. This would also allow things like statistics to be collected if mod creators wanted to E.g. Cobalt could count how many servers are running it or something idk just an idea.

@Anonymous275 this is your area

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