Purple early access title

Hey ive used beam mp for awhile now and from time to time i see ppl with purple tags for early access, do i need to pay for that or how can i get it too? i asked in game and wasnt told haha thanks 4 making the best mod for this game!

The EA title is attached to a User account once they become a patreon of BeamMP. This way they also get access to the early access version of the mod

do u have the patreon link

here it is https://www.patreon.com/BeamMP

thanks, so after i pay and stuff does it change or do i gotta wait

make sure to connect your patreon with your discord account. After some time you should automatically get the EA tag applied to your account

woohoo cool does it matter the amount spent

i think the amount spend only affects your discord role and the amount of keys you get to setup new public servers

okay im supporter now

Hi Flyinghigh65,

Welcome to Early Access, this should have given you the role in discord as well. You get access to EA chats and EA Voice Chats.

Let me know if it’s not working correctly,
Daniel [CO-US]