Question about out of network gaming

My husband and I want to play together on beam mp and the instructions state out of network which we are not. Is there instructions for in network gaming?

You can play BeamMP on the same network! You have to set it up exactly the same as “out of network” (portforwarding and all)

If there are any issues please let us know!

We are still having issues. We have followed all necessary steps with the port forwarding and the configuration file and the game won’t allow us to connect into the same servers. Direct connect works on both computers so there’s no issue there but we can’t seem to connect to each others servers. When we try to connect to each others servers it says connection failed and goes back to main menu. We just downloaded the newest versions of the game and the files and still having issues. Any suggestions?

Make sure that when you are connecting to each others servers, you are direct connecting to it using the hosted computers internal IP.

Find your internal IP (typing “ipconfig” in command prompt, and find ipv4 address) So the host can direct connect with and the person joining the host can join with the internal IP of the host :slight_smile: