Question: Importing a library to my lua script

Good morning firends.

I am actually developing a mod that requires to log certain information into a database. Haven’t started to code that part yet, but I am wondering how I could approach the following aspect.

There are many libraries which offers database interaction, specifically I am looking for PostgreSQL compatible ones (this database will be queried from a backend), but most part of them requires to be installed with luarocks.

The thing is… If I have dependencies which are managed with luarocks, how would I be able to deploy the mod in the server without having to set up luarocks and installing the library from there?

For example, I would have this “issue” with luaSQL. Is there some way I could like compile this library into a file, that I would be able to “require” in my lua script?

PD: I feel like this question fits better in forums like stackoverflow, but I would like to see how you dear fellows are approaching this scenario.