Randomly tempbanned?

Been in the BeamMP Discord server for a year or two, never interacted in it but I got this message today. Is there anything that can be done? My username is Luxuria.

You were showing your uncensored b**bs in VC and have been showing a bit of activity in the server
That is a good enough reason for the tempban as you have done it before
You will have to wait for the tempban to expire.

I literally have never joined the VC in the servers? Also, I’m a guy. What b**bs do I have to show? I don’t know if it’s possible to mass report or something but I’ve only interacted once in that server. I made a report of someone who was saying hateful things in a server.

Even your discord profile picture is an uncensored picture of someone’s b**bs.
If this wasn’t really you, you might have gotten hacked

Well, that sounds about right I guess. My profile has stayed the same for a few months now lol. Is it possible for someone to change someone elses server profiles? Idk, I guess I can just wait it out, that’s a bummer though. Thanks for your time.