Report a player with racist name

Hi !
I just met a player who has a racist name.
I would like his account to be banned definitly.
His name is HadolfHltler.
We really need to ban this player.

Hello, for issues like this the best way to get a fast response is to submit a ticket on the Discord server, however, in this case I am a Support/Moderator so Iā€™d be happy to take care of it. Out of curiosity was the user also active in chat?

Yeah ! He insults

The account has been suspended and renamed, if you witness activity like this again please take screen shots if able and open a ticket on the Discord server. Just keep in mind that the BeamMP staff will only assist on cases that happen on the Official servers listed in orange on the public server listing. Occurrences on other community servers will need to be brought to the attention of their own moderation staff or owner.

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Moderation measures taken against the reported account, actions available in staff log.