Report of players who troll

When I was playing on a certain friend server, a certain person came in. It was “Hyotoko_170Yutube.” The moment that person entered, he summoned a large number of cars, repeatedly crashed into other player, and eventually the server stopped temporarily.
My friends and I have a strong grudge against “Hyotoko_170Yutube”. Management requests a BAN for “Hyotoko_170Yutube”.

Please do not just open a report solely because you have a grudge against someone and want them banned.

If anyone joins a server in which you are in and said person is being annoying, simply tab to their vehicle/s and remove them, we do not do anything against people who spam cars or similar, especially if it happened outside of an official server.

And please do not report people in the Ban Appeal section of this forum, this is not the right place.
If you want to report someone, then do so with reason, proof and also please inside of our dedicated Discord server.

Have a great day, Razor.