Save our community.

Hi, in behalf of the competitive BeamMP community I would like to please ask if there’s something you can do to not make the vehicles auto sync with every new part or tweak in the tune that is made, this makes it so anyone can hijack your builds and tunes and as competitive racers we have spent many hours and days on tunes to compete in seasonal events, also some of these events have cash prizes tied to them. BeamNG’s tuning options tied with the awesome mods leaves room for tons of brain storming and when someone else swoops in and takes your hard work it feels like it was for nothing, please just consider reverting this one single change.

@tventy Thank you so much for the response, I’m very happy to hear that you guys are looking into this, in terms of the illegal parts, there’s admins in these events that check on the players, you must stream your game and be inspected so its never been a issue, again Im so very happy to hear that you guys are working on something to change this, thank you so much.

I originally added that feature to help competitive racing, as it is now impossible to not sync an ‘illegal part’ for example. I didn’t think ‘stealing’ configs would be an issue, but we can add a serverside option to disable it

Way ahead of you! There is an option in the multiplayer options menu that you can set so you dont load players tuning modifications