Sending chats as someone else and more

I found a bug where you can send chat messages as someone else. You can run it from either the chat or you open up the console and send the command there.

The command to send a message as someone else is this.(In the console)

GameNetwork.send("C: NAME: MESSAGE");

You basically just replace “NAME” with whatever name you want it sent as and “MESSAGE” with whatever you want the message to be. You can use someone elses name or you can just use “Server” to make it look like the server sent something.

You can also send lua commands in the chat due to how the chat is written in the javascript.

bngApi.engineLua('UI.chatSend("'+ String(cm.value) + '")');

This isn’t really a big issue but I guess it’s still a bug. If you write this is chat.

"); GameNetwork.send(""); print ("

It sends the command gamenetwork.send().

I also found another small bug where if you set your server name as an HTML image tag without closing it your server name in the server browser becomes invisible. This is what I used as a name to make the bug happen.

"<img src = 1></img"

Thats the bugs I’ve found so far. I’ll make sure to update the thread or make a new one if I find something else.

Oo thanks for the input @Dudekahedron Was not aware of that as I had not had time to fully look into it yet.

For what it’s worth, the chat spoofing methods are only client side, the server betrays who sent it, and they don’t fool the server.

Thanks for reporting this! Hopefully Titch or Anon will see this and fix for next release

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