Server Appears Online But Isn't Findable

[12/04/23 22:35:37] [INFO] BeamMP Server v3.1.1
[12/04/23 22:35:37] [INFO] Sentry started! Reporting errors automatically. This sends data to the developers in case of errors and crashes. You can learn more, turn this message off or opt-out of this in the ServerConfig.toml.
[12/04/23 22:35:37] [INFO] Vehicle data network online on port 30814 with a Max of 5 Clients
[12/04/23 22:35:37] [INFO] Vehicle event network online
[12/04/23 22:35:37] [INFO] Server up-to-date!
[12/04/23 22:35:37] [INFO] PluginMonitor started
[12/04/23 22:35:37] [INFO] HTTP(S) Server started on port 8080
[12/04/23 22:35:42] [INFO] Resumed authenticated session! Success, Welcome to the BeamMP Server List.
[12/04/23 22:36:27] [INFO] Identifying new ClientConnection…
[12/04/23 22:36:28] [INFO] Identification success
[12/04/23 22:36:28] [INFO] Client connected
[12/04/23 22:36:28] [INFO] Assigned ID 0 to [INSERTNAME]
[12/04/23 22:36:28] [INFO] [INSERTNAME] : Connected
[12/04/23 22:36:44] [INFO] [INSERTNAME] is now synced!
[12/04/23 22:37:47] [INFO] [INSERTNAME] Connection Terminated

I removed my online name obviously, but this should be a searchable server and it’s not. Direct connect works but for it says (m/s - 0) and we all know what that means… Please help, I wanna play online with my friends…

This is not a issue on your end but on ours. Some servers currently just dont show up. We are working on it

what can we do to fix

Now I run the server .exe with everything running well, but it’s not findable through the search and sometimes direct connect doesn’t even work… I’m so disappointed I can’t play with my battle-buddy for the last week on my server and I’m really hoping this gets fixed soon. I appreciate you responding so quickly, and I apologize I took so long to acknowledge.

No answers?

Same problem here, same “successfully notification”
Direct connect works well.
Online i can find other servers, except my own one.

Help… ?