Server auth key banned for paid mod distribution

On one day i received this error in my server console. The reason is that all the mods were downloaded from the modland website and were freely available. I cannot be held responsible for the public distribution of the mod by third parties. I do not buy paid mods for server because the agreement of any author prohibits distribution. I can provide link for sheet with mods test results, it contains edit history, so you can see some proove of my words.

I want to satisfy the complaint. Remove the problematic mod and unban key. But i can’t provide server key here, so how i can contact with responsible administrator?

Best regards @iteelion (discord)

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Modland and other similar websites steal mods from the original creators, which is widely known in the BeamNG community. The only place where you can download mods is the beamng forums and the beamng repo.

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Well, i’m those part of community who didn’t know…

Anyway, i highly respect creators work, and want to remove illegal content.

How can I get a copy of the abuse? I need to know what to remove…

I think a simple plugin (or some kind of built-in feature) can help. If the server sends the backend a list of mod names and md5 (or something like that), and the backend sends back to the server a list of warning messages, for example: “mod {modname} is suspected of illegal distribution”

anything that is a real brand vehicle (with horrible jbeams) in beamng is suspected of illegal distribution. as much as anyone would like a real car in the game, those are just lazily copy/pasted in, with a few minor edits in the combustionEngine just to put the least amount of effort into making them sound different, with everything else completely stock, and mind you, they are probably from the same author as well. they all have the same tyres, but people dont notice, theyre too busy driving their brand new lamborghini or something. there are a very few exceptions, like the peugeot 205

Well… “anything that is a real brand vehicle” it’s time to close 90% of BMP servers LOL.

Anyway, I need an official response from the project administrator. I need to remove the leaked mod because the creator is losing money on it, that’s the question.

Hey i have approached the linked owner of the server PlayNex on the 24.03.2024 and you after your post here on the 30.03.2024. I didnt receive a response from either account, please check your discord messages (: