Server Build on raspi4 problems

I am trying to make a BeamMP server on a raspi 4. And, to do so I need to build the exactable on the pi to run it. When I run the command to build it it outputs this error. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Or if someone could just link a aarch64 build of the beammp server

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This now solved!!

  1. update/install
    liblua5.3-dev curl zip unzip tar cmake make git g++

  2. Download latest release
    git clone --recursive

  3. go to folder
    cd BeamMP-Server

  4. set build to arm (you can set it to 1 doesn’t mater)

  5. install ninga-build
    sudo apt install ninja-build

  6. Do the build!
    cmake -S . -B bin -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

  7. Build again
    cmake --build bin --parallel -t BeamMP-Server

Your executable can be found in bin/