Server doesn't work

I started a server and it says authenticated, but when i try to join it it says “Connection Failed!”

Please check your port forwarding and firewall configuration.

i already did and i can join in direct connect but i can’t join from the server page and also people can’t join

Is it hosted at home with you / on your computer?

yes it is why ?

The issue is that you cannot join your public IP, You will need to join using your local Ip which is what you are likely using when you direct connect. When you join through the server list it uses your public IP and this is why you cannot join.

4 days ago I could join the server

I forgot to say something, when someone joins and he gets there, he is kick not long after and we can not join from the server list

In that case there is something misconfigured with the port forwarding or firewall. Be sure to allow both TCP and UDP.

i checked and it’s ok with that