Server hosting issue

I tried to host a server and got to the point where I could connect to it and drive around and my friends could see the server the just can’t join what should I try?

question, are you hosting it locally on your computer or is it on a hosting website? if its hosted locally on your computer which I’m assuming is the case, are you port forwarding?

Yea I am, however I tried again earlier and me and my buddy were able to connect to the server. But, I neither of us are able to see each other move. The non moving issue persists between us in other servers as well.

Check if its internet maybe, use

there is a free beammp hosting website if it doesn’t work
It’s called lemehost

The internet isn’t a concern I have a high speed ether net connection. However I will look into the hosting thing.

alright but as a fyi, sometimes some internet providers have really bad port fowarding