Server is broken!

About 5 days ago my servers just stopped working for no apparent reason, Every time me or someone else joins it says “Connection Failed” and i cant figure out why. Ive tried to go to support in the discord, But no luck there. Please help!

Glad you got it resolved. I was pretty sure this was an issue somewhere in your setup and unfortunately your ISP does have some control over if you can host.
Happy for you dude, Enjoy!

@Titch2000 Oh hey I’ve actually got my servers working a few days ago, Turns out it was something on my isp’s end

ps: i saw you guys are soon to make server files public, thats so awsome!

Okay please try using this site from the servers web browser: put in your servers port and see if it works. It should say success in green if all is working. If you do not get that then there is definitely something wrong with your setup.

@Titch2000 Well I’ve already looked to see if it was my firewall or anti virus but its not, I’ve tried allowing the port in the firewall and still the same thing.

Well nothing has changed with the servers so it is likely to be something on the host that changed be it a firewall reset or antivirus?