Server log does not detect any player, just host

I have a huge problem with my beammp server. No one can join my game except me via direct connect. I opened my ports and took care of the firewall. What is more, the server log doesn’t show any log information, except mine. My friends try to connect, however there is no input or information on my server console. We tried with disabled firewalls and ISP doesn’t block ports.

Big thanks for help

If they are still getting error 10060 or 10061 then it is a port forwarding issue. Look deeper in your router settings and see if port forwarding is allowed or turned on, or if your ISP allows port forwarding. How is your friend joining? Is he trying direct connect or is it from the server list?

They tried both options, none of them seem to work. I really don’t know what to do. DMZ in my router is turned on, ip config seems ok (I have the same ip for my server which I created). I added exception in my firewall (for server ports). I kinda don’t know what to do, I think I need to contact my ISP to ensure that they are not blocking any ports

Try to check to see if your port is open using a port checker. NOTE that when you check your port, make sure your server is running. if the port is open then your friend is having issues, if its closed then it is your port having issues