Server Modding Problems

Main Issue
So, for the past 4 hours I’ve been trying to host a server with mods. I followed the documentation and placed the mods required the “client” folder. When connecting it only enables about 15 out of the 38 mods added. This also occurs for anyone else joining the server as most of the mods keep spewing out “Invalid Zip” as an error when I’ve done nothing to the zips. Is there any way to fix this that is known? I tried digging around the forums for an answer but no dice. Anyways, cheers to anyone who can possibly help.

Attempted Solutions

  • Extracting all mods the the “client” and “server” folder.
  • Putting zips in the “server” folder. (No surprise, it didn’t work.)
  • Running the server in administrator mode.
  • Reinstalling every mod.
  • Trying to drop the mods in the “multiplayer” folder.

The message that appears on the top right when joining means nothing. the mods will still be active

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That’s what I thought at first but after the server is launched it shows a good portion of mods as disabled. Is that normal?