Server Requirements

What are the recommended server requirements for Windows or Linux? Memory / HDD / Processors?


Sorry? You allocate the amount you need for the mods you want to run that’s it.

I wasnt asking for file size changes, just wanted to know how much room to allocate

Disk usage will be the exact same as it is as if it was installed to the game. There is no way / need for us to change the file sizes.

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@JimmyPlenderleith that’s going to depend on the mods, I serve around 35 on one of my servers, and that takes up 0.5Gb of storage

OK, thanks. this will mostly be within my home LAN for a couple people to play on…I have GB throughout the house and network latency is really low within the LAN.
If adding lots of modded cars / maps, in terms of total space on the server, are talking 100’s of GBs, more, or maybe less?

If you’re hosting a stock / unmodded server, you want low latency and enough bandwidth headroom for how many players you expect (for reference, 10 players with one vehicle spawned each, will use about 1MByte/s combined in/out).

If you’re serving mods on your server, you want low latency and as much bandwidth as you can get your hands on.

server specs are pretty much irrelevant.

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The server is very light so old CPUs are just fine for running them too. They don’t use much memory either, and all the storage space depends on how many mods you want, since the server stores and sends them to clients

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