Server showing 0/10 members and '?' ping

I have been following the tutorial in Server | BeamMP and the sub-tutorial How to Port Forward - General Guide to Multiple Router Brands | Support | No-IP Knowledge Base. After I had finished the tutorials I joined my server and noticed it said at the top 0/10 members and ‘?’ ping, even though I had joined.

I went through some processes with a kind support team member such as allowing the TCP-UDP in the windows defender firewall but alas, no avail. My port forwarding is set as such:

(I have added an external host post to this)

When I direct connect with the internal host IP I do not experience this problem.

A quick check on port check tool says my connection timed out, not refused.

Anyone have any ideas?

If you’re joining your own private server you have ot use as IP while your friends have to use your public IP.
While the server is running, you can use something like to check if the port is actually open or not.
Make sure the server is not blocked by any kind of firewall or antivirus software as those are known to interfere.

disabled my antivirus and firewall and still I experience the same problem. So I doubt is something regarding my firewall or antivirus. Thanks for the response though!