Server will not show up on beammp

This is the BeamMP Server Configuration File

Debug = false # true or false to enable debug console output
Private = false # Private?
Port = 30814 # Port to run the server on UDP and TCP
Cars = 1 # Max cars for every player
MaxPlayers = 12 # Maximum Amount of Clients
Map = “/levels/derbytrack/info.json” # Default Map
Name = “J&D RDP Verified & Supported” # Server Name
Desc = “Modernsolutions Virtual Host” # Server Description
use = “Resources” # Resource file name
AuthKey = “0679a959-97b0-4f5b-b5a2-0d7d82c78b84” # Auth Key

That is my server config file… Is there anything else needed to see why I am having problems?

Can you connect locally? Are you able to see that port outside of your network? Did you port forward?

Can you turn on debug and post the console log?