Servers on TrueNAS?

Apologies but I’m on mobile in accidentally posted this in the wrong thread earlier.

Hey guys how’s it going!

Just getting into the multiplayer scene and was wanting to not only set up some personal things, but also start helping the community a little. So far I have successfully managed to create a working server with mods and have other players successfully connect. So good to go on getting it working. Now I want to take it to the next step.

I want to create something that I don’t have to maintain and run on my everyday gaming rig. Something that can stay up 24/7 and not just when I want to use it. So of course my mind goes to my network storage which is running constantly.

Specs are
i7 4770k.
32Gb ram
12x1tb in 3 zraids
OS is TrueNAS.

Now I’m guessing its not possible to host the servers natively with TrueNAS. But I could be wrong. My first assumption is I will need to set up a VM. If that’s the case, what is the recommended operating system in any additional software to facilitate a good server setup? What kind of resource allocation should I set up for a single server? Can a single thread handle multiple servers or does a single server take up multiple threads? How much memory? Any input and direction that you can give me would be great. I’ve tried finding if you topics online but I can’t find anything addressing anything this specific

Though I have no direct experience with TrueNAS, I can give recommendations on hosting
using docker for the virtualization would be a great option, if docker is available.
to make management for this easier, you can give Pterodactyl a look.
As for server resources, these beam-mp servers will run on a potato with networking.
Jokes aside though, cpu and ram usage will be dirt low, while the networking is actually quite important since a lot fo synchronisation data is being sent back and forth