Sharing world editor and races in MP

I’m fairly new to BeamNG and MP as a whole. My main interest in this game is to make races to use with friends.
I’ve been mesisng around with world editor, and so far I managed to edit racetracks, adding barriers to a layout and scenario props, as well as creating a path with nodes in the race editor.
I have 2 questions:
1- How can I share the edited scenario to my friends, so when I host a server, everybody has the same barriers in the track? I tried sharing the “items.level.json” from my user folder/0.30/levels/… but they still don’t load the objects in their maps.
2- Is it possible to play missions together with multiplayer? Like makin everybody follow pathnodes untill the finish line?

If anyone could point me to some documentation on this subject I’d be grateful.