Socket Closed Code 3

when I try to connect to any server online it gives me this error called “socket closed code 3”,


then in the terminal “Failed to close socket” appears


I Have same problen. I play 5 minutes on server And any time i have been disconnected. It write failed Close socket. I tryed lot of solutions but nothing works. Maybe i Have bad internet. But i play every multiplayer game without problem.

same for me and reply to me how do i fix it

got this same exact issue, nobody answers in here forums or discord to this problem to anyone, kind of strange.

The same thing, all my friends have been playing quietly for a long time, and I still can’t connect because of this error

bump having same issue

can someone tell me why when i try to load into my own server it gets stuck on this screen

bump i need help

same problem always this or connection failed