Alright so for some reason my account was deleted from the forum, I have no clue why and I have created a new one, I’m going to write another discord ban appeal.

I am sorry for trolling within your discord, I understand that my actions were immature, I have matured and believe I am ready to get back into this community.

I cannot find this account in Discord. Is this a discord ban or a forum account problem? Your forum account was likely lost due to an outage that occurred.

Discord appeal.

I found your discord account. I will discuss internally with the team and let you know.

I would also like to add at my friend was allowed back into the discord after doing a ban appeal.

The team has decided to remove your ban, on the condition that you will essentially be on a “probationary” period for the first month just so we know that everyone is on the same page. If this is acceptable to you then feel free to join back into the server!