Spawning under the map


I have an issue that is only there during BeamMP multiplayer, for some maps, but not all.
Me and my friend always during some maps spawn under the map, but the same maps, with or without any mods active works fine, this is only amultiplayer issue for us.

My friends as a complete clean install of the game with no mods what so ever.
What is the issue here?

Even tried to delete cache but no luck :frowning:

I would be so glad if someone can give me a luck.
Sorry if this has been asked a lot, I am new to this game, so not sure what the issue is, and how to explain it in any other way than I did.

I do have my own server as well that I pay for, but same issue :frowning:
Thanks to any kind soul willing to lend a hand.

This is a bug within BeamMP. Already fixed in a development version, but that one has to yet be rolled out.

Thanks for your quick reply.
Can one opt in for development versions, or are testers hand picked, maybe even internal testings?

Yeah i think this fix is part of the early access version, along side a new chat… one can get access to it by supporting the project on patreon

Awesome thanks, you have been a great help, blessings <3

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