SSH bash script to start BeamMP server

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I am setting up a raspberry pi that will run a website and can make calls to my server via SSH. One of the pi’s bash scripts will need to run the BeamMP-Server.exe file to start the server.

I can successfully SSH into it, and other bash scripts work fine. But when my script starts specifically the BeamMP server exe, I don’t think my SSH connection can see the other files, only the .exe file. I know this issue is because of the SSH connection as when I run it on the PC manually, everything starts fine.

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Error it gives me:

No AuthKey specified in the “ServerConfig.toml” file. Please get an AuthKey, enter it into the config file, and restart this server.
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SSH allows you to go anywhere on the system you’re connected to, I don’t see how that can be an issue?
That error is because you do not have a key, see here: Server Installation - BeamMP Docs

The issue is not that I don’t have a key. Running the server by literally running the .exe works. I’m using my raspberry pi to start the server for me, that way I don’t have to go to the PC and click the BeamMP-server.exe file. I can launch the file using SSH, but it gives me that error.

Basically, I can get to where the file is easily and open it using SSH, but I don’t think SSH can read the other files in the directory for whatever reason (hence the no authkey found error as it can’t access the serverconfig file).

Edit: Here is the code for the program it runs.


set password


target=‘[email protected]

file location on windows

filelocation=‘C:\Users\the big fella\Desktop\BeamMP\BeamMP-server.exe’

SSH into the PC and run the program

sshpass -p “$password” ssh “$target” “cd /d $(dirname “$filelocation”) && cmd /c "$filelocation"”

Hey there I finally had time to set up everything and I tried on my machine and indeed that script does not work correctly. I made a couple of corrections and it no longer complains about the key, please see below:

# Set password
target=‘[email protected]’
# File location in Windows
filelocation='C:\Users\"the big fella"\Desktop\BeamMP'
# SSH into the PC and run the program
sshpass -p "$password" ssh "$target" "cd /d $filelocation && cmd /c BeamMP-Server.exe"

Hope this helped!

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