Starting the Programming

I have a great desire to start programming scripts for BeamMp in order to create a good roleplay server, but I don’t have any programming knowledge, the question is, where to start? Looking in the documentation I didn’t find the language I believe to be Lua or C+, C# I don’t know, so I should learn these languages and come back here to try?

Hey there. Great first topic by the way!

Getting started with BeamMP resource making should be straight forward we would have hoped but since your research has not lead you in quite the right direction then I presume we need to work on making things clearer.

Resources for BeamMP (server side) are written in Lua.
Resources for BeamMP (client side) are also written in Lua however will need to be written and formatted in the required way that interprets them.

I hope this helps. Please do comment back and I can try to help you some more if you need it :slight_smile:

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