Still banned?

Discord user ID or username (not nickname):


Why were you banned?


Why do you want to be unbanned?

I was supposed to be unbanned after 72 hours, and almost 3 weeks later am still banned

Interesting, yes, I remember your case. Lemme check on it.

Sorry, standby, you threw me off with your post, it hasn’t even been 2 weeks so I was way off from the actual date and time. I’m touching base with the moderator leads to see what’s going on.

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my bad on the time wasn’t sure and it had been a while so i just guessed lol

Hahaha, I get that, especially with the job I have. The days just b l e n d.

Ok, so I’ve done a deep dive and found out what happened and I am afraid it is bad news. When we executed the ban on Tuk Tuk I don’t know if you thought it was a perm ban or what, but you then joined from an alternate account called “treborisbad” which was permanently banned from the server. The perm banning of accounts for ban or punishment evasion is a normal, pretty universal rule, for any and all community servers. The issue is that this account was made using your IP and when you got banned on the alt Discord executed an IP ban effectively perm banning Tuk Tuk as well.

Discord does not allow server owners or their staff members to interact with the IP banning process at all, we don’t decide when to IP ban someone, we don’t get to see who is IP banned and we cannot revoke IP bans, that process is handled totally by Discord’s automated system and we have no say over it. We also have no idea what the criteria is for an IP ban as it seems to have IP banned you, but, hasn’t IP banned someone who has made 10 alts (and been banned on each one).

The long and the short of it is that because you came in as an alt and were banned you are now perm banned because Discord arbitrarily decided to blacklist your IP. So when Carl-Bot attempted to unban you the server rejected the action. As always Discord support claims that this issue can be fixed by unbanning both accounts but. . .it usually can’t be, I know this from experience, my old account was hacked and Disco blacklisted both my IP and phone number which prevented me from joining a lot of servers. I had to force my way back in which included changing my phone number.

If you were not the owner of “treborisbad” then my investigation has turned up the wrong information and I can look into it further, but if you were that alternative account I’m sorry, but I don’t believe there is anything we can do.

User is still banned due to a Discord IP blacklist that was executed by automation, unfortunately this is out of our control. Mod staff is working on fixes available to us and will get back to the user should we find out how to allow them back into the server.

I’ve reopened this ticket, looks like you weren’t the one that made the alt we banned, this might have been a Carl bot failure. Give me a little bit of time, standby.

Please attempt to rejoin at your convenience, I think we nailed down the issue.

Situation reassessed when updated mod logs were reviewed, user was not guilty of joining from an alt account. Carl Bot error cleared manually, user is free to rejoin the Discord server at any time.