Sync issues

I am having an issue where my game doesn’t seem to sync some of the players properly.

A couple players will show up properly, driving around normally etc. and others I see as either just standing still at the rev limiter or driving into a wall, continuing to rev and steering their wheels as if they were taking corners etc. And I do know they’re synced correctly to each other, because I can see them interacting on chat, talking about what they’re doing, RPing etc.

I also noticed that only my ping shows up in the player list, the others just show up as a question mark. Also, occasionally my mods will even show up on the official vanilla servers, I don’t use them but I tried spawning a modded car and it did work. At other times it seems to sync the mods correctly and removes any mods that are not installed on the server, as it should. Anything I can do to fix these issues? Already reinstalled it twice.

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I have the same problem. Even confirmed it with a friend on my own server. If one of us leaves and comes back, for some time we are synced, but then it breaks.

And we experience the same when joining other servers.

Cant find anything here.

Im having the exact same issue

? in the server list indicates that player is likely not a real player, what we call a Ghost Player, meaning they have crashed/disconnected but the server hasn’t cleared them from the list. This is likely due to an outdated server. It can also be firewall issues local on your client, I recommend making an exception for BeamMP Launcher.

I have had this issue for about half a year or more. It is annoying and I have given up on BeamMP.

I have a fix: (worked for me)

When your setting up your port forwarding make sure you have it on tcp & udp
That’s what fixed it for me hope it helps! (:


Thanks :slight_smile: your a lifesaver

thanks man :+1: this tip was really helpful

Hi, also having this issue and this hasn’t fixed it for me, any tips? Thanks.