Sync the Day/Night cycle

I was thinking of a good idea to make the headlights of cars more usefull and more cooler when playing online, because for now, i heard that the day/night cycle only affect you but not other players, so sometime when you put the night, you can’t see others because they dont activate their headlight since they have the day on their screen. So i was thinking that it would be a cool idea to synchronise the day/night cycle for all players. (im just not sure if its possible or not :/) !1605316507554-capture-d-écran-15.png

Yeah we do not sync this in the mod as we felt this would be something that the server owners would prefer to have control over.

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@daveywaveyHD cool, thanks ^^
but, it has to be installed on a server by default, and idk wich servers has the mod on them :confused:

Not sure how up-to-date this plugin is with the new version of the server, but it does exactly as you ask

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