Syncing Car Files

I was thinking about that the game could sync the “engine.jbeam” and such files so that when people have modded custom engines (like me I made a sunburst torque curve have more low-end torque) but that results in having more torque then an unmoded engine can handle so on my client its fine but for others that don’t have the modded engine it just shows as a blown up engine. lets just say that when a player is joining the game checks if the files are modded and if so, update them. Its quite annoying when someone with a modded engine is just smoking the heck out and you cant see anything. there might be a better solution but that’s my idea. Idk if I will get lash back as I usually do with my ideas for beamNG. I’ll see i guess. Thanks for feedback anyways.

Hi Tilen,

Thanks for the suggestion - I’m not sure that’s a good way to solve the problem you describe, as it could just as easily choose the base file to over-write the modded one, how does it know which on to prioritise, how does it sync to people already in the session without them reloading? I’m not sure it can be done on a per-player basis, but I will inquire nonetheless. The better solution is to make the modified engine as part of a mod and ask that it’s hosted on the server you play, or host the server yourself. That way, everyone who joins will download the modded engine and be able to select the modified version (and even if they don’t, your vehicle wont blow up on their clients). Ideally we want to prevent people with modified vehicle jbeam files from joining certain servers, as this can be unfair for servers hosting legitimate racing events, so perhaps something can be found in parallel to this. I’m not sure how much of a priority this is (likely very low).

Thanks once again,