The BeamMP Mod isn't Showing In-Game/Mod Download Stuck at 0


You launch the game and you notice there is no mods enabled, or you launch BeamMP and the mod download is stuck on 0%


  1. Make sure BeamMP is active in the mods repository after you’ve launched through the MP launcher.

  2. If the BeamMP mod is not in the repository, you will need to change to launch location in BeamMP startup. Launch BeamMP, click on manage user folder, uncheck move user data, choose new location, create BeamMP folder in %localappdata%, select that folder for the new launch location.

  3. Startup Beammp, and it should be fixed. This fix may remove your saved vehicles and settings, you can transfer them over to the %appdata% folder from your Documents > Beamng.Drive folder.

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I also found another solution if non of these work.

Change your DNS: Open Windows start menu, search “Control Panel” and open it, or right click the Taskbar and you will see a button called “Control Panel” and click it, then in Control Panel click “Network and Internet”, then “Network and Sharing Center”, then on the left click “Change adapter settings”, then right click the WiFi you are connected to and click “Properties”, then in the list of “This connection uses the following items:” then select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” then click the button “Properties” located underneath the list , then where it says “Use the following DNS server addresses” click it, and put in the first bar “” and in the second bar put in “” or “”. Hope this helps, it definitely helped me, if you want more info you will have to look on YouTube.