The possibilities! BeamMP is awesome!

Once collision is fixed, and smooth car movement is good, there are a lot of things I am
excited about!
I saw a youtube video of a demolition derby thing where they had a bunch of pickup trucks and cars with RVs attached as well as other trailers like boat trailers. They drove around in a figure 8 over and over, each time there was more and more carnage. It was like a Top Gear(the old, good kind) episode where they raced motorhomes. It was awesome!
Now we can do that in a game like BeamNG! There could be tournaments and events with prizes, and live streams and all kinds of super fun stuff.
I really want to do the rv derby thing.
Or what about some kind of survive the hunt? It’s been done in GTA V and Forza Horizon, but in Beam? That would be amazing!
Or a police chase, with those 80s style police cars through a city? I would love to do that.

I love this mod so much, and I really want to thank the devs who work really hard on getting us this mod. They did the impossible, and really well too. Keep up the awesome work guys!



Yeah I’m excited about it!

You’ll be happy to hear that the early-access version allows you to do pretty much everything you have described - vehicles move smoothly, vehicle damage it across all player!
Going to be awesome to see the mayhem everyone gets upto once it’s released to the public :slight_smile: