This might be confusing

Good Evening Staff,

This might be wild but i hope you understand. Im completely lost as well.

So about two years ago I gave this discord account (Stinky_Slinky) original known as Slinker Gwew to a friend of mine because I was gone in a metal hospital for a while. (I got a messed up life) Since then it seems like (drew) the second user has been getting banned from servers that im in.

Most likely you probably think its the same guy trust trying to get back it but it is not. That AI generated text was kind of stupid of him.

Edit 2:

If you guys pls reach out to me I will explain wtf happen.

Once again very sorry and I finally have this account controlled

You can contact me here or my number. Whatever works best

Edit 3: Ill also like to add. My friend just texted me and said discord is done and to not open discord. Therefor I went ahead and open discord seeing that I was removed from multiple servers via soundboards and ear ■■■■.

Once again sorry for westing your time dealing with this when there is other things to be doing. I would just like my account to be open when I return from being in a mental hospital.

Edit 4:

@ThatDaveGuy I will also like to apologies on behalf on my friend using this account. I played with you once a while back and you seem like a good man.


You will not be unbanned. You will not get us with a guilt text and you are trying to fight yourself out of a rightful ban.
The coincidence of this all not being ‘you’ and instead your friend is unrealistic and too sudden.
Please do not open any further ban appeals.

Have a great day.

That Dave Guy and I have already contacted each other. We will be talking very soon.