Traffic police cars dont chase my friend

Traffic police cars chase me when i crash into them, but when my friend does they just ignore him (traffic spawned by me and the server is mine)

that is because traffic was designed for singleplayer, to chase a single player vehicle not multiple. On a technial level your friends vehicle is just a scripted car, receiving its inputs from another computer, and it can likely not trigger police repercussions in your game client.

Atleast i dont know of a way to make that work

thanks for the reponse

That is partially true; to have MP chases:

Both of you get on the server, spawn your cars, you spawn several other police/chase cars, tab to their vehicle, main menu (circular) wheel, AI, chase me, switch back to your car, main menu, AI, stop. Then you + ai can chase your friend.

You can also use the traffic UI app to do this, instead of the main menu (I might have done that to take back control of my vehicle - its been a couple weeks). This also lets you turn off despawning.

This doesn’t let traffic stay traffic, so if you want to do that you will need the UI app to select some cars as traffic and some as chase mode (tell all to chase first, then tab to the cars you want as traffic, and switch modes for each car), and ofc only one person at a time can be chased as I understand it (I could be wrong, if you both spawn chase cars… untested). After a few rounds, delete your cars, they spawn theirs, and they chase you, etc etc.