trash authentification system

right just tried to log in for 20 minutes just to realise i can log in with discord on google chrome but when i enter my actual email and password i get a “ur account is temporary suspended” and when trying in game i get “cant connect to auth servers” or smth anyways fix ur thing
oh and why when trying to join a server (in guest mode) half of the time the launcher just closes itself for no reason, and I have to join again 50 times with everytime 1 more mod installed?

Hi there, Firstly I am not sure that your possibly offending title is the right way to want help? Either way for us to look at your issue we need logs so we can see what was going on. Without them all we have is your comment and that does not tell us what actually is going wrong for you. If you could please upload both the launcher.log file and your beamng.log file then we can start to take a look at things. Thank you.


same problem here except it’s stuck on “Attempting to log in. . .”

oh and i havent got any key.txt file so dont ask me to delete it

Much has changed with the authentication system and updates have been pushed out since. Given the missing follow up and rude approach then you either solved it or gave up. If you would like to try again then we can try to solve it with you. Thanks

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