Trying to create Private Server

I am able to join my own server, but when someone else tries to join, it will either fail or kick them saying client sent invalid key (“json.exception.type_error.305”). They were trying to join as guest as well. Do they need a BeamMP account?

Also when they direct connect they use my IP + port number I set up in config file?

The full error is typically as follows:

[18/01/23 10:03:00] [ERROR] Client sent invalid key. Error was: [json.exception.type_error.305] cannot use operator[] with a string argument with number
[18/01/23 10:03:00] [INFO] Client kicked: Invalid key! Please restart your game.

The player needs to restart their game via the MP launcher.

When a player Direct Connects to your server they need your PUBLIC IPv4 and the Port set in the ServerConfig.toml

Thank you, I will try this when I get a chance

my friend had to reinstall beam mp again, now it works. thanks!