[Tutorial] How to Clear Cache and Delete Resources

This is going to be a step by step tutorial on varius solutions on how to fix getting kicked out of server while joining

After every attempt at fixing this issue, try to rejoin after every stage

Deleting Cache

  • First you will need to navigate to where BeamMP is installed, easiest way to find this is to right click on the BeamMP launcher on your desktop, and select “Open File Location”
    alt text

  • Then open BeamNG file
    alt text

  • Now delete all Cache folders in this location (all of them even if you have more than 1, the necessary ones will be redownloaded when you start the game again)
    alt text

Deleting all mods

  • Navigate back to the BeamMP file from above
    alt text

  • Now right click and delete the “resources” folder WARNING this will delete all your mods you have downloaded for BeamMP!