Unable to log out of BeamMp

How do I log out of my Beammp account? I have tried everything, but still cannot log out! HELP!!

If you mean in game there is a logout button on the bottom left corner on the servers page, if you mean on the forums, click your profile on the top right corner, then click the person tab (first from the right, then log out at the bottom.

That log out button on the game screen, does absolutely nothing. I can log out of the forum, but not the actual game. That log out button is worthless.

Does it work if you press Ctrl + L or F5 while on the server menu?

Nope, I tried it many times.

A hard way to log out would be to delete the “key” file. Right click the launcher > open file path > delete the file called “key”. You should be logged out then.

Wow, that actually worked! Can I still log in and out of the game, or can I only play as a guest?

You’ll be able to log in again, but you may be forced to delete the key file every time to logout

:grinning:Great, thank you!! that worked!!!

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