Unfair ban aores 635255361745453118

I was permabanned for mic spam when I never did, I assume that the desk fan might have been in the way of my mic and might have been loud but I hadn’t intended it nor was i in the call for more than 30 seconds. I’ve been in the server for 5 years and have multiple people that can vouch that I don’t mic spam. I’ve linked the ban message bellow.

Carl-botBOT 07/14/2023 5:13 PM

You were banned from BeamMP. Reason: micspam disrespect no intention to partake in community

whats your discord?

aores 635255361745453118

Forwarded the appeal

I’ve gone ahead an unbanned you, just be careful in the future, this server has a serious micspam problem, so it’s hard to get lost with the people who genuinely have no intention of enjoying the community. Sorry for any inconvenience.