Updates and fixes outside of the BeamMP mod itself.

Heyo, just thought I’d bring some attention to this. It’s nothing crucially important, but it would still be favorable to see some external updates, which is why I’ve decided to make a forum post.

The lower portion of the front page of BeamNG-MP could use an update, especially with the pictures and some things in the FAQ. (Yes, some of the FAQ has been updated, but there are other parts where it still talks about the bridge.) There’s probably some more things that need to be updated, but it wouldn’t be very time-effective to sit here and list them all.

In terms of the forum, I’ve enabled dark mode which wasn’t the most streamlined process in the first place. It may be better now, but when I did it, it was a two-step process, where I had to have a dark theme and enable dark mode simultaneously. (That is, if I recall correctly, it has been a while.)

There’s probably a bunch of other things that I’ll think of in the future, but this is what I got for now. Sorry that I couldn’t manage to fit in three things and follow the rule of three format, but it was 4 am when I wrote this, so my mind wasn’t going at a million miles and hour when I wrote this. It was only going Mach 1000 instead… :+1:

There is intentions to update the website yes. The biggest issue is time for us at the moment. We will get there.