Vanillia Cars arent spawning

Hey, idk if this question is already asked but since yesterday i cant spawn vanillia cars in all servers. Instead spawning my car it puts me in the cars of other players. Idk what do to.


Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean by “puts you in the cars of other players”? Do you mean it just tabs you over to their vehicle?

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My Car dosen’t spawn the camera teleports to the cars of other players. I tried to reinstall the mod but the problem is still there

Does this happen on every server you try?

Give me a minute

Yes on every server

and reinstalling dosen’t help either

Hello, would you mind sending a screenshot of both the in game console and the mp launcher when you try to spawn a car?
You can open the in game console with ~ or the key to the right of “L”, depending on your keyboard. Thank you!

I saw that this message was in the mp launcher [29/4/2021 16:48:11] [WARN] Game is newer than recommended, multiplayer may not work as intended! I’m waiting till beammp is updated for the new version xD

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shouldn’t be problem at all , i could spawn car, had this problem before , my advice is to turn all mods off , and reenable MP mod on only , then restart the game, i did that and it worked fine for me.

I agree with what Bright_Moon said, make sure no other mods are enabled except BeamMP in the main menu, then try joining.