VanishedServers Free BeamMP Server Hosting!

Yes, you read that right! I’m offering free small-scale BeamMP servers!

As a way to give back to the community, I am going to start hosting private servers for people who want to play with friends.
The servers allow up to 10 clients, and 2 vehicles per client. You can play on any of the vanilla maps, though mods are not supported.

Servers will also expire, though they can be renewed every hour to keep them online. Due to limited resources, if there are too many active servers at once, you will be placed in a queue.

To get started with your free server, you can simply head over to my website!
Here you can log in with your discord account. Please note that you will be automatically added to my discord server, and that you have to stay in this server to use the service. If you leave that server, you also lose access to the site. This is for moderation purposes.

After logging in, you can simply create your server, configure all the settings, and get started!

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do you mind if I could have access to one of your free servers plz…

czy moge mieć dostęp do jednego z serverów

Click the website and make one

Bro I can’t access the server ip so I can’t use the server ._.

not sure what you mean. The ip is available on the dashboard, and on the server page.
If you need an ip instead of domain for the authkey, just ping it and use ip

Just me who can only use one map because every other map is “2 big”?

Could you open a ticket in my discord with some more details? Im not quite sure what you mean

Yeah, just did.

it litterallly says 500 | Server error

Hello, can you message me on discord to look into this? Usually log in errors are due to discord account names (special characters ex)

Why do you need the Discord permission “Join a server for me” ?
I dont want you make me join server.
So I cannot connect on your website.

I require members to join my discord for moderation purposes
Giving anyone access to get a server out there on the server list, some moderation is in need

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Can you add mods?

It would be awesome if you add mods. I don’t know how pterodactyl works, but can you just add a file manager tab with the BeamMP Server folder and everyone can add mods?

Yeah the file manager is there, its just been disabled for users
currently I have no plans to allow file access, which means mods also wont be available