VERY unstable launcher and issues logging into account

I was playing in a server, then all of a sudden my graphics crashed and even reloading drivers or resizing, the game was graphically frozen. However, I was hearing the other players while they were drifting and racing. I tried relaunching the game, but now it loads forever in every single server and my favourites list is blank. I logged out of my account and I tried numerous times to log in but it just hangs on without any feedback. So, I relaunched again. But now with this error in the picture. What’s happening?

Check the BeamNG files. The error could mean a file is missing that makes the game work. Or if all files are there, reinstall BeamNG or BeamMP.

Alright, I will try that.

consider reinstalling either BeamNG or BeamMP while consuming subway sub today

Since this got bumped I’ll leave an answer for anyone searching for this issue. This is a BeamNG error, not a BeamMP error. Aside from a clean install the fix that was found back in 2021 is as follows.

-Locate the game files.
-Find the BeamNG Drive file
-Open it as administrator
-You will then get prompted that the launcher is outdated and asked to migrate.
-Hit OK
-The game should run

If this does not help the next step would be verifying your install files through Steam and then uninstalling and reinstalling BeamNG. Should the issue persist beyond that point please contact BeamNG’s support for assistance.